Workout: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

Congestion is the influx of blood into the muscles that takes place during the gain muscle session. This phenomenon of muscular congestion appears quickly especially if you work in long series with light loads. It’s a weird and pleasant sensation at once, an almost orgasmic sensation, as Arnold Schwarzenegger explained.

The muscles swollen by the blood are then larger than at rest, but this state does not last and fades little by little after the end of your series. After a session of bodybuilding for biceps and triceps, I can take almost 2 cm of arm circumference and my veins are even more apparent on my biceps.

In spite of the momentary muscular volume gain for big biceps, the muscles are not stronger and one has not built muscle tissue; they are just inflated. Congestion is unfortunately not a guarantee of future muscle growth, even if it has utility as providing oxygen and nutrients necessary for the muscles in times of effort.

Did you know that bodybuilding competitors train behind the scenes to warm up their muscles before they get on stage? This allows for a better muscular appearance, in addition to making the veins more apparent.

Good congestion!

As it is said on the site, reducing break times, lengthening the series and using intensification techniques such as degressive or negative series, can achieve good congestion faster.

If you cannot inflate your muscles, and you have no sensations in training, it can come from several factors such as insufficient or nutrient-deficient diet, not optimal recovery or improper training. In general, this comes from the course of the session.

I do not understand how practitioners can do 2-hour sessions of bodybuilding! By counting 30 seconds per series, plus one minute and thirty seconds (which is already a lot) of rest between each series, it would be 2 minutes per series! By counting a good maximum of 20 series (which is really huge for a large muscle group) and 12 sets for a small, this is within 60 minutes bro split workout.